Trying To Define “Hell”

  1. A world wherein everyone acts selfishly – Not complete, selfish people cooperate.
  2. A world where everyone acts at the moment – Not just this, but some people will be spontaneously friendly.
  3. A world in which all people sacrificed their future for their present – And the cycle continues, and the world gets worse, but soon enough, we all run out of food and die. This is only sustainable when we aren’t the apex, as then we can live off of the profits and production of others. This, plus a lack of empathy, is what defines half of all monstrous races in fantasy, the other half, simply doesn’t care for individuals or at least human individuals.
  4. A world where no-one cooperates – Slightly more complete but not complete yet, people can live pretty well on their own and even if people don’t trade because that constitutes cooperation. People can produce excess, and excess can be stolen. Always make twice as much as you can consume and hide it in many places, so even if one portion is stolen you have the rest; leave one hidden where everyone can find it, so they think they took it all; Don’t steal the last of another mans harvest you can choose from his next harvest. The future will keep us fair.
    – (the problem is I can’t just put all of these together, because then we’d all be dead and there would be no more suffering to go around.)
  5. A world where you stagnated – Trapped in a place that no longer suits you. Boredom and repetitiveness will become their hell. To avoid this, have friends, build a family, or at the very save up for something.
  6. The worse in “it can always be worse” – because if you don’t see the existence of a worse, your low point becomes like hell, and hell is what you’re trying to avoid.
  7. An Apocolypse you survived – It will be a hell no matter how we see it, but when your actions mean nothing and the future is dust when you are alone not just now, but for the rest of time. This can become an existential hell, especially if surviving isn’t a full-time job, for boredom will invest this too.

Enough for now, attempting an impossible task may be fun, but let me consider if this is truly impossible. Is there any state of suffering we can never get used to, or even worse get used to, live through, remain alive, and continue suffering to the same degree? Maybe. Maybe that’s why we sleep to forget. By this definition, depression may be hell for some people, but the hormones that come with depression limit our ability to enjoy and appreciate the things that entertain us. But depression is not absolute suffering, it is difficult and sometimes hopeless, but even when the finest foods taste of ash, there is a place we can descend to further. We can distract ourselves from depression, and sometimes that makes it go away. We can work through it by applying ourselves wholly to a task.

If this is truly the case, hell is a world where depression comes, and pain simply exaggerates it, and attempt at working or growing causes immense pain, and when we try to do something good, we ruin the little we have. In hell, we all have something, but not enough; in hell, we always have scraps and the scraps of scraps. And in hell, there is never a moment to rest or grow accustomed to what we have. There is no true description of this hell, for if we describe it, we give it limits, and a limited hell cannot remain hell forever. The only hell of that sort is the hell of an empty room, and an empty room may be the closest thing we have.

And yet that isn’t many cultures definition of hell. For some hell is a place to grow, a place to face our darkest sides and our greatest sufferings and to come out the other side as something pure. A type of cleansing of the soul. A place to become better and pay our debts, not to society but to ourselves.

And on that note I’ll leave you to your lives, remember that despite it all there is no infinite hell on this planet. You still have room to grow.

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