10 Advantages Of Overconfidence

Well I just spent most of an hour reading and writing about super-materials, and I can tell you one thing, don’t invest your money based on a super-material unless you’ve done a lot of research (and I mean a lot), these things take time to turn out and implementation is as big an issue as production, so it can take multiple decades until these have any effect. For example, Extreme Graphene and the Coming Super Materials Gold Rush was written in 2014. (Never include graphene in a post unless you want to make a post about graphene.) So for today, I still need to create something and with my tired brain, I’ll try and justify my past decisions.

  1. Straighter Backs – I stand straight when confidant I speak louder and I’m slightly more charismatic.
  2. Force Of Will – Confidence drives me, it pushes me past failure and it allows me to make promises.
  3. Accountability – I will do this, I can and it will be done by, hey look at what I’m going to do, even when the confidence fades the promises don’t.
  4. Success – Fake it until you make it, take the responsibility and you’ll be forced to make it work.
  5. Dramatic Failures – I’ll try something ridiculous and if it’s over the top enough, it will be talked about for years even if I fail.
  6. I Get To Try – This is important present me would rather past me had tried and failed than not tried at all, and future me will feel the same about present me.
  7. I Get To Fail – I get used to it it becomes less of an issue, and I start pushing through more.
  8. Charisma – I am the expert, I know what I’m doing trust me, and you can tell I believe it.
  9. Illusion Of Competence – I will not hesitate, and if I’m doing something wrong I’ll be doing it so confidently it will look competent.
  10. Power – I will lead the social situations, I will lead the work situation, people will ask me for advice and I will always have answers until I am shown to be untrustworthy my words will have weight because I believe that they do.

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