10 Forgotten Futures

I’ll post what I implied I will tomorrow, for today I have a headache and less interest in that side of things. I said I would do it so I will, tomorrow. If I start my day correctly I should be interested enough by the time I get into writing it, and if not, I’ll write it anyways.
so for today, things that would be of the future that have fallen to the wayside.

  1. Air Cruises With Blimps – Or blimps in general, a flawed technology that hardly got off the ground, but was seen to have great promise until a certain event.
  2. Flying Cars – One thing that could exist in 20 years if we had infinite energy, by the time someone actually figures it out will have more efficient methods of transportation.
  3. Wrist Computers – All your information on your wrist, everything you need, now a fad. We find smartphones more comfortable.
  4. Holograms – I’m sure some people are working on it, but do you care? would you find it more comfortable than a screen? What’s the use? (Well I can think of ten but I’m not sure if they matter enough)
  5. Digital Currency – Well it kinda came true, we use credit like money, and in sci-fi, money is measured in credits. But cryptocurrencies are of the future for some of the population but it’s not something truly appreciated by most… And it’s not what was envisioned.
  6. Future Cities – These never worked out, and each is its own beautiful wilted flower.
  7. The United Nations – Somehow less relevant and good for the world with every passing year. We missed one fact, fewer nations are democratic than aren’t. And so any even unity of nations will have to put some countries first or to exclude others.
  8. Faster Than Light Travel – It seems we are unambitious. We hope for a great scientific discovery that will somehow make the impossible possible. But don’t expect it.
  9. A Moon Colony – Who here would actually want to live on the moon, life is just too comfortable here on earth.
  10. Robot butlers – A.I is complex, I don’t have much more to say, it’s requires far more work than self driving cars, and unless we can make hundreds of sensors for a thousandth of the current price I don’t see it as ever becoming viable.

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