Cheap Nuclear Power

Alt title, 10 reasons reducing the cost of constructing nuclear power plants would significantly increase their usage. (Well duh, make anything cheaper and it will become more prominent, but nuclear power is a heavily debated topic, so I thought I could use it as a demonstration. Also I did imply I would write something about it in an earlier post so here goes.)

Someone told me a few days back that they liked my shorter posts better, I tend to ramble on my longer posts, and its easier to read shorter stuff. So I’m taking this topic, one that seems more fit for a longer post, and limiting myself to 2 sentences per entry. Let’s see how it turns out. (well more if I include parentheses, but that’s me compromising with myself If you prefer the shorter posts ignore it.)

  1. Nuclear power plants don’t cost much to run – The cost is incredibly front-heavy, and in places where nuclear power is seen as a good or necessary thing, the cost of creating a plant is the biggest thing standing in the way.
  2. More companies see potential benefits in the use of the plants – Factories use enormous amounts of electricity, and if we could significantly reduce the price of that electricity they’d want in. And if the big boys want in they’ll make it happen. (Some people still believe Biofuel Power Plants are a good thing, and Biofuel Power Plants resort to burning trees most of the time. {It’s a corporate scam. And if an article is supporting the plants know it’s probably been bought and paid for. Biofuels are good but if anyone tells you we can produce enough of them they’re lying, besides how much power goes into processing and creating biofuels? Nothing is free.})
  3. The public image of nuclear power changes – It’s not nuclear power it’s fission power. Money controls media, not all of it but enough to make a difference.
  4. “What? We aren’t buying uranium for nuclear weapons it’s just for a nuclear power plant – Hah. an excuse that will fail every time, you don’t need the same type of uranium that is made into bombs. Of course, if you’re trying to convince the public that nothing needs to be done, you may accept the lie at face value. (Wow, I’m full of opinions today. Well it’s one of the topics I have strong opinions on but still.)
  5. More experimentation with nuclear power – We already have nuclear test sites why not nuclear power test site? Economic warfare is important too.
  6. China and Russia would get an economic boost – Two countries that are undemocratic and willing to use a technology that many citizens in democratic countries feel is dangerous.
  7. Other energy markets will shrink – Everything from diesel to renewables.
  8. Another wave of backlash against nuclear power – I have no doubt that despite the increasingly positive image something will shoot it down. I wouldn’t be surprised if companies that make solar panels will feel attacked and so groups that are trusted for supporting green energy will attack as well.
  9. One event will lead to a political split – any government with a two-party system will have the parties picking a side. Like all issues, this one is bound to be polarized and we just need more public attention to do so.
  10. Fewer nuclear weapons – If we run out of fuel we can just take apart some old nukes and use them as fuel. Of course, you’re gonna need an international treaty saying if we deconstruct X missiles you deconstruct Z missiles but every little bit helps.

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