10 Less Conventional Reasons To Be Social

Had an idea for a post and it went nowhere. So I’ll go for something simpler in the twenty minutes I have left.

  1. An excuse – I have friends I talked to them yesterday.
  2. Exposure – Not the ordinary type, for people who are uncomfortable around others’ lack of exposure to others, makes it worse.
  3. Practise – Practise makes perfect.
  4. Otherwise, you don’t realize how stupid you were being – share your ideas or they won’t be worthy {}.
  5. Charisma – Is relative, realize this, and train. If you find a group in which you can be social just because everybody else is less charismatic than you than become more charismatic. (methinks it’s a social dominance thing, at least sometimes .)
  6. You will speak less weirdly – I do, I am aware that I do, sometimes it makes people understand me less, but I am learning to be both understood and recognizable. (Ignore the title of this entry that doesn’t count.)
  7. Habit – good habit, make habit, keep habit, safeguard habit, habit is important, without habit there is nothing.
  8. Humor Practise – Exposure and when your jokes suck there won’t be much of a response.
  9. It’s something to do – It’s not like you aren’t already doing something but it can be new and different. And if it is new and different to you than you definitely need to be social more.
  10. It gets you off your ass – I said I would be there I will. Let’s meet up tomorrow. You don’t want to disappoint a friend, do you?

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