10 Potential Benefits Of Sleeping In

I like making these short posts, restful. But tomorrow I’ll do something longer, I can’t improve if I don’t really practice. Besides, I should do something about a behavior that isn’t seen as positive. This is, of course, assuming you get up once you get up, not really getting up is a separate issue that often shares the same causes as this.

  1. Motivation – Instead of I’m already behind, so why bother, you can also see it as It’s time to get things done before it’s too late.
  2. Things are happening – you’re not the first one up; people already started their day; if you can start your day quickly, you can get in while things are happening.
  3. Lunch is closer – because unless you’re me, your breakfast is probably a joke.
  4. The sun is out – and the birds are singing. It’s bright out, so it’s much easier to start your day.
  5. Time is limited – and sometimes you want to do what is important right after you wake up. Nobody likes waiting for others to get ready, you’re up and ready to go.
  6. You can stay up late – the cause and often not a good idea, still, if you can manage I’m not one to stop you, If you get your best work done when everyone else is asleep than just make sure you get up right.
  7. You can rest your body – even if you go to sleep early, sometimes your body is fatigued so this helps.
  8. You’re less stressed when asleep – but of course, waking up too late would not be a good idea you don’t want more stress.
  9. You can rest a tired mind – some day’s a lot happens and a lot of detail is irrelevant and gets in the way, so if you want to forget hours of walking or hours of debating unnecessary detail sleep some extra, we sleep to forget.
  10. It’s a sign of control – Well it can be, it’s either petty or useful because getting up when you want to can be a symbol of how you are the most important thing in your own life. You choose when to get up, and the working hours of others don’t matter to you. Unfortunately, we often frame getting up late wrong, because we do it to compensate for previous errors, so as long as your life is in order, go for it.

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