After The Time Loop

I would like to assume I’m good at hypotheticals: if not, I need practice. Either way, tomorrow I will post a what-if let’s see how it looks.

  1. Would we actually be more productive if stuck in a time loop – Think about it, (or not) would you try to advance the same life goals you currently are putting aside or would you just begin by playing around and learn a whole bunch of party tricks. Knowing to do something isn’t the same as being certified, so unless you love your current job, how would your skills help? Still, you can make it big afterward but only if you can avoid all the other pitfalls
  2. You are someone else know – we change over time, and you had a lot of time, but for others, it’s sudden. “We thought we knew you,” “What happened to him?” “Is it identity theft?” all these questions will be asked, suddenly you know more about your friend than they know about you, the social dynamic would change and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  3. Will, you ever lose caution – you don’t know when it will end, right? It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when? How many days will you last afterward how much time will it take until you get yourself killed or in prison?
  4. Long term consequences will cease to exist – somethings we live and something we know, but they don’t apply to real life. We don’t always get consequences anyways, how long until we completely forget it.
  5. Romance is hard – oh, you had a great moment with the right answer to all the questions you know everything about your dream partner, but she doesn’t know much about you. What about her perspective have you been stalking her, your behavior seems too polished, for lack of a better word, And she can tell you get bored when she tells you about her life. How will you sustain it, you know more about her than she will ever know about you, and if you spend long enough with a person, they’ll be able to tell.
  6. Romance is hard anyway – let’s say you took another route, you tried a date until it is perfect, you knew everything that was going to happen and took advantage of it, you had one perfect night. But. A perfect night does not a relationship make. And when your sudden competence slips when you’re no longer all-knowing, will it be the same. For you, or for her?
  7. Age – Do you age in a time loop? how much of aging is mental fatigue, were you stressed and did the stress affect you, does exercise remain, what about muscle memory. And what do you forget because time passes, yesterday can become a distant memory with the good old days being before, when you were still innocent when your friends liked you, or even worse when you liked your friends. Because you know all that you can about them and they bore you.

You know what, I had an eight entry but I seem to have lost it, and as I’m stumped on how to continue this post I’ll give up now. I’ve just spent half of an hour trying to reconnect to my train of thought and I’m not getting there so see you tomorrow.

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  1. It’s interesting. I think most of us are caught in a time loop. Day after day, month after month, years, seasons seem to roll around and look the same as the last. I see it with my mom. Today’s Turner Classic Movie doesn’t look much different from yesterday’s. The only thing that changes is the feeling a little older.
    “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Some people take a repeat circumstance as an opportunity to do better, others as an opportunity to complain.
    It’s the “Did I ask an interesting question today?” It’s what has the loop give hope and a new lease on life.

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