5 Failed Concepts For What-Ifs

Well, aliens is far too ambitious a subject for me to do a what-if about, at least at the moment. Maybe I’ll be able to get through it tomorrow and I still promised a what if, but I’m out of time and I can’t come up with a topic, so here’s what I learned from My failed attempts.

  1. What if planes were never invented – seemed simple enough but then I realized how much of an effect they played in world war 2, I could be somewhat dismissive about World War one, assume that the results would be similar for other reasons, make something up. But pearl harbor only worked because of aircraft carriers, and I’m not an expert in alternative histories so I gave up here.
  2. What if nukes didn’t happen – Well there is a fifty percent chance japan wouldn’t exist as it does today, and I can’t just change something that big, I still thought I had it for alternative histories at this point so expect the nest few entries to be similar.
  3. What if commercial airplanes were never developed – I was never someone to quit after one failure, but I would have to assume that blimp technology was developed further, or sea travel became faster and I didn’t know what to do with that. (at this point I realized I was being far too ambitious with my topic ideas, far too important to be something I could cover in a day so what if I tried something smaller. I would not take this lesson to heart and would return to trying big things pretty soon.)
  4. What if toilet paper was less comfortable – well it seems small something highly affected by industry. But I was still thinking too far back, and the effect this could have would be way too big. And I think I didn’t give this topic a fair try, I may try again later. (at this point I realized my mind wasn’t in the right place, so I decided to try a different format.)
  5. What if alien… – I thought that I come up with a few possible occurrences and give four explanations for each, but it was already late at this point so I decided to do it tomorrow as I didn’t have the time to finish it in a day.

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