Something Something, I ran out of time.

I tried writing Aliens and the project intimidated me, I tried writing a different what if, and I ran out of time to complete it. I have ten minutes and after reformatting (I changed post structure once in the middle) I’m definitely not going to have enough written in time.

I apologize for those of you who follow me daily, and hope I may win you back with some clever thinking tomorrow, but for today I just don’t have the time left to finish a post. I should have written a few in advance and saved them for this scenario, but I didn’t and this is what I have.

10 Simple Questions To Ask Before Bed

  1. Did I brush my teeth for long enough?
  2. Why did I stay up so late?
  3. Why don’t I want to go to sleep earlier?
  4. Why do I prefer to wake up late?
  5. Do I want to watch the sunrise? And how early do I have to go to sleep to wake up and appreciate it?
  6. Why do I feel the way I do?
  7. Why don’t I meditate in bed so that I can fall asleep with a peaceful mind?
  8. Why didn’t I think of this when I was awake?
  9. Wait did I just dream that?
  10. Why is the sun so bright?

One comment

  1. You are in time. You don’t run out until you are dead. Maybe you should consider reformulating your statement instead of using this debilitating shorthand.
    How about, “I have not completed my intended task in the manner in which I would have preferred in the time that I allotted to myself to do it.”
    Those who love you you will not lose. The rest don’t much matter for the purposes of this blog.
    So I find myself asking what is Aliens, a name, a book, a poem, a screen play, because that might clue me in to what intimidates you about it. And if it was an accidental capitalization, and you are trying to write to aliens, that doesn’t seem so difficult, unless you are also committed to delivering the communication, or even more daunting, knowing your communication was received, and intelligently decoded.
    But maybe the thing to learn is that you could see time differently, not as a limited commodity, but somehow as your friend, or ally, or enabler. And maybe how time occurs is just a matter of how you orient yourself in its regard.

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