12 Habits For Characters

I’m getting more into writing recently so I may as well use my blog to generate stuff I can use. Hopefully, they’re also habits that help characterization but I can’t be sure in advance.

  1. Makes their own clothing – and uses something made by others if she has her own.
  2. Walks quietly in crowded places – and only in crowded places, doesn’t want to draw attention but isn’t very good at sneaking.
  3. Always forgets to bring water – typically means that they grew up in a water-rich environment, but can also represent naivete, innocence, or blind trust in others.
  4. Never Packs Enough Food – the same, but it can also represent gluttony. The character can know how much is packed but always eats more than personalty expects.
  5. Is afraid of books – the written word, witchcraft, the taxman.
  6. Is an expert woodcarver – often denotes patience, but can be a coping mechanism or a way to relax. (him being an expert means that he needs to relax quite often.)
  7. Prefers to sleep on the floor – lived a hard life, or at least lived most of it outside.
  8. Collector and polisher of pebbles – Not all pebbles, of course. It may be a token of a quite upbringing, a fascination with beauty, or an appreciation for nature. It can also be a sort of tunnel vision or a cultural thing. Those who grew up in sand deserts don’t often see river rocks.
  9. Always goes to the bars with the loudest music – likes loud music, and likes the atmosphere enough to seak it out.
  10. Writes about their adventures – self-involved, or I will be important someday. Maybe delusional but maybe is actually seeking grandeur, don’t just dismiss these people because if they are genuinely seeking fame, they’ll be working towards it every step of the way.
  11. Grows attached to motels, inns, and other temporary residences – Likes people, the hosts. Or maybe has a weird sense of debt, definitely values shelter and comfortable sleep more than others.
  12. Doesn’t value keepsake – trusts their memory, doesn’t feel attached, or is a smart shopper. I’m not sure this one is complicated in its causes.

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