10 Uses For Video

A technology that has become mundane, I must reconsider what I’ve taken for granted. So I’ll try to treat it as something new and unique.

  1. Path Maps – instead of having an eagle-eye view, wouldn’t it be easier to get places if there was a first-person view or a path that could be followed. Turn left here go straight here, short videos moving through paths.
  2. Video Messages – delete half an hour after being watched, unless saved onto the device if data storage is an issue. Quick messages, screen recordings. Video is incredibly useful nowadays.
  3. Dance Mirrors – record yourself and see your movements. Maybe for training and practice. Just mirror sized screens or something it doesn’t have to be perfect quality, but it has to have good focus.
  4. Video Books – well the natural progression of audiobooks, just words plus pictures, no, it’s not movies, there is a difference. (It would take me a while to explain, and it’s not that big a deal)
  5. Autoscrolling books – one sentence at a time to train reading speed.
  6. Virtual Cadaver – a collection of surgery videos, chose your path, and see how it turned out possibly training for young surgeons.
  7. Cross Simulators – Well based on real video experience, across between the video games and choose your paths, it switches to the actual video if your actions are seen as similar enough.
  8. Better Error Messages – an example of potential causes for that error. Maybe a presentation on what the error code means. Or at the very least a link to a video that explains it, something easy to type in hopefully, so that people can remember.
  9. Projected Sign Language – maybe just text, it would be polite to have a screen on speaking daises so that the deaf can see as. Our vision isn’t perfect, and hands are small, so when there are large crowds, this can be easier. (Although it is probably done already. It can probably be done better.)
  10. Peripheral Vision Training – for soldiers, best mixed with an eye tracker so that they can pretend not to see things, a useful skill in modern combat.

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