10 Ideas Based Off Of Randomly Generated Words

So I’m doing the random word generator thing. I may try for a more interesting post tomorrow but I have a different project to tackle.

  1. Crack

    Crack. The world shook, it was all falling apart.
    Crack. he stared down at it, his hands shaking his excitement melting away
    Then it broke, he held it in his hands. His work, flawed, imperfect, cracked.
    If only it was better if he were better. Imperfect! He threw it away in disgust.
  2. Duck

    They flew through the sky in foul formation.
    Flying up high, above warring nations.
    Soldiers looked up birds flew around.
    One word was yelled and they all were shot down.
  3. Concert

    Music, magic, crazy run.
    Musicians played for the audience’s fun.
    Beauty, elegance, the artists seek.
    But today they made money maybe next week.
  4. Allowance

    You will not do so or I’ll take away your allowance. An interesting statement, because by threatening to take away someone’s allowance we are not allowing them to do something and so they don’t have an allowance.
    I don’t know words are weird.
  5. Press

    Press the paper, prepare the ink.
    We must find what is happening.
    We must make news for the audience.
    (I don’t know how to continue this. Next!)
  6. Gesture

    With a quick wave of his hand, excitement covered the whole land.
    Then the server refilled his cup.
  7. X-ray

    To my great regret, I know very little of X-rays, as you call them.
    I heard you use them to see into people, why? Are they some sort of mind-reading device?
    No? to see what’s inside their bodies? I understand these X-rays burn holes into them so that you can see. No? Why didn’t you say so so. They pass through the bodies? But how do you read them?
  8. Hospital

    For some people a second home.
    The old we don’t allow to roam.
    We say we care and so we think.
    But we don’t even let them drink. (not the most accurate description, but are their people who you treat this way. You allow yourself to do things which are bad for your health, all because someone is closer to the ultimate consequence doesn’t mean you can make their decisions for them!)
  9. Secure

    Secure closed, safe. They wouldn’t find it or him for that matter.
    The matter was closed, he had gotten away, his friend would live another day. And yet, I didn’t sleep that night, I was worried was it secure enough, They said it was but could I trust them were they secure. No, I shouldn’t think like that, those thoughts are manipulable, they weren’t secure. It would be better if he seemed calm, no, if was calm… Calm, detached, secure, in thought and in action,
  10. Demonstrator

    One who presents and this is all I can present in the time I have left.
    I may do again this tomorrow it was fun.

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