An Additional 24 Song Names

I can’t even get a random word post written today. I don’t know why something’s getting in my way. I don’t know when my mind will relax, I’ll write something here before more time passes. Quality varies and so does my writing, and I have no clue.

  1. Today is a Day
  2. Reckoning Some More
  3. Time’s Awaiting
  4. Tomorrow Waits for No Man
  5. The Moment Will Come
  6. He Waits For Me
  7. She’ll love me someday
  8. I Am The Future
  9. She Is The Past
  10. Unwilling To Remember
  11. The Other Days Passed
  12. I Will Make It Happen
  13. The Future Is Near
  14. Erasing The Past
  15. So I stop To Feel
  16. Erasing The Present
  17. I’ll Have No More Pain
  18. For When I Remember
  19. I Was Once Insane
  20. I’ll Be Sane Tomorrow
  21. I Would Promise You That
  22. One Day I Lost It
  23. But Then It Was Found
  24. Someday I Will pick Myself Off The Ground

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