4 Ideas For Tribal Deities And Their Eventual Evolution

Or maybe primitive gods, something isolated tribes would worship. I’m running behind on my schedule for making post 300. I was going to make this into a longer post, but I probably will never finish it so I decided to do as much as I can in the time I have allocated for this, I hope you enjoy.

  1. The Shaper Of Clouds – Patron of the hunt, king of the mist, he tells us when to hunt and when not too. Those who know to follow his omens lead us, and those that do not listen to them get lost in the woods never to be found.
    Over time as the tribe gets absorbed by a more agricultural culture, the Shaper Of Clouds becomes either a minor deity or a folk myth, whose priests predict the rain and tell of the time to harvest, followed as well by artists and dreamers. But if the people weren’t as good at predicting the weather or the absorbing culture/empire already had an established agriculture god, then it may, over time, become something worshiped by cloud watchers and eventually.
    The God Of The Pipe – A deity worshiped while preparing meats over an open flame, but more commonly, a god worshiped in drug-fueled festivals, or simply by people who like a good smoke.
    The ancients enjoyed their drugs just as much as we do and all that.
  2. Lord Of The Thundering Skies – A god of storms and fire. Why fire? Lightning can start fires, and smoke looks like clouds. The lord of the skies must test all hunted food, and we shall not hunt when he does.
    (It may serve a similar role to the previous one in this way, but it is also a god of cooking.)
    The Lord Of The Thundering Skies (LOTTS) can evolve in many directions. It can become a god of cooking; it can become the head of a pantheon, as all food is sacrificed to it, it can be the messenger of the gods, it delivers burnt sacrifices, and all omens are communicated through it. It can even become an angel as, over time, the sacrificial element will be part of a different religion, and if the culture that worships LOTTS is absorbed by it. LOTTS’s name becomes said during sacrificial rituals, and the rituals are hijacked.
  3. The Sun-Eater – Originally a small mountain range, deified. The sun sets below the maw of the Sun-Eater, a great beast that consumes the last lights, these people believe that there are multiple suns probably that every day there is a new sun when the sun (and moon) set the sun eater eats it, it is a necessary part of the world, heck it may be seen as a type of world turtle (not actually a turtle per se.)
    I’m not sure what purpose the Sun-Eater will serve culturally; it would probably be more of a cultural myth than a Deity by our modern definition. It would eventually become part of a greater mythos, and the image of a type of god turtle would probably be magnified in time, becoming the world itself. If absorbed into other cultures, I can’t help but see it becoming a monster or a demon, the thing which brings upon the night, maybe a warning of when not to start fires or you’ll attract attention.
  4. The Water Bringer – The Water Bringer’s rituals would probably be related to well finding. The water bringer holds underground waters and brings the rains. A weak deity, it used up most of its water in the creation of life and guides the living to water stores, hidden from the other divine beings. Like many desert religions, there will be a myth of humanity being punished for an ancient sin, but the Water Bringer is benevolent and kind. Bringer of peace, a creator of man, and all living things, creatures that can naturally find water are the Water Bringers chosen guides, and cacti are his hidden stores, beware what animal you kill, or you’ll die of thirst.
    The Water Bringer can become a bigger deity. If absorbed by a different culture it would probably be seen as an aspect of an existing deity, a titan-like myth, a Prometheus that hid water form the gods, but gave us the way to find it, a legend, maybe turned into a hero, a person, or a saint. Maybe it would be reduced to a local guardian angel, or maybe a local deity. Maybe the idea of holy water would be derived from rituals to keep the demon gods, the ones who wish to destroy. And if turned into a demon, the Water Bringer will have cursed humanity with the need for water and will steal it from inside their bodies in order and he hides them in underground stores.

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