12 Blessings Backfire

Well in a sense. I’m coming up with the blessings you can word something well, maybe. Many of these may be similar to “be careful what you wish for,” but blessing are just wishes on behalf of other people. I wonder why blessings feel more real.

  1. Beautiful Gardens – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as a child, if you like the pretty flowers that happen to be weeds you will have trouble keeping your gardens ordered
  2. May you never fail in your tasks – This only helps if you set the right targets. and can hurt if you set the wrong ones, “I’m gonna beat you in a drinking contest” easily becomes “I’m in a coma”.
  3. May you be successful and prolific – likely a good blessing, but may end up in you losing all you’re money to child support. (only if you have assholic tendencies.)
  4. All your requests will be respected – decent for adults but make spoiled children, or depending on how respect is interpreted it may make for overly serious children. “Where did grandpa go?” would if respected by the parents come up with a far sadder answer. Of course, maybe it’s better for the children in the long run to get honest answers and in my opinion, it is, but I’m not a parent.
  5. Deep and filling sleep – good in a safe scenario, will get you eaten by a lion in others.
  6. I wish you success in all your endeavor – Is it fun to win to everything? Winning is fun because losing is an option, and this is bound to build up a narcissistic personality. You’re not like others you win, always.
  7. May your exercise always pays off – can build healthy habits. Can also have people expect results and when they do something with unclear results quickly think of it as a failure. If that is overcome it becomes a wholly positive blessing.
  8. You shall never be afraid – eaten by lions again.
  9. All people shall be honest in their dealing with you – people will notice and some of them will choose not to deal with you. This is fine, as long as you don’t ask any embarrassing questions, but if you do, expect a whole lot of people not to want to deal with you.
  10. May you always have a new adventure – tiredness, always a new path to take, but sometimes a new path that must be taken by any moral individual. Responsibility can be a heavy burden.
  11. Flawless skin – may come in the way of absorption of certain vitamins, may be noticed by others, and may make it so that deodorant and makeups just slide off.
  12. Riches and wealth – If you don’t work for it it is bound to produce laziness, and possibly guilt, and maybe a distance from the people you grew up with. When people work to earn their wealth they meet others like them, they know they deserve what they have, or maybe not imposter syndrome is a thing.

I ended on not the happiest note so I wish you a day of success, and that you may achieve focus and flow in your everyday activities. Also that you may achieve even greater focus on flow when attempting greater activities, you don’t have to be satisfied with less.

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