8 Possible Sources Of Purpose

Well yesterday’s post got lost, I don’t know where it ended up but it didn’t end up here, so I apologize for breaking my promise. In addition, my progress on post 300 is pretty much nonexistent, I don’t know how to make it work or what to do, I’m not even sure If I’ve made mistakes or not in some scenarios. So here’s here. I hope to do something for post 300 but don’t get your fingers crossed. Here’s today’s post, I don’t know why I’m writing about this topic but it’s what came up.

  1. Family – the next generation, continuation of yourself in a way, or possibly the continuation of some parts of yourself. The creation of another human being, cooperation, and unity with another, I do not know how to explain family, and I don’t know how to explain purpose, but one leads to another. And in a biological sense, it is one of the truest purposes available to us.
  2. Friends – a substitute for family but not necessarily lesser. Humans, as a species, are capable of being tricked into thinking of unrelated humans in the same field of family, and this is a glorious thing. But friends are more than that, they too are cooperation, but they extend further, beyond the realm of tribe, yet within it, something that provides for and allows for empathy, with friends families become tribes, to cooperate, with other tribes, but not to love.
  3. Art – poetry music. Sustaining your influence in memory and not in flesh. And while you may continue your memory in flesh one is more important, if art is for its own sake, you will share it with your children, and the purpose will be fulfilled. If art is for your own sake, it will leave you empty, yet occasionally full, a vessel for human knowledge and creation, but it can also be a bridge a way to become others or to allow others to become you.
  4. Great Acts – not all can create art, but the investment of time and effort still yields results. It is a similar mechanism the leaving of a mark, not by harnessing human ingenuity necessarily, but instead by dint of great effort and devotion to something. Not all ideas begin in the individual, but many can take on the ideas of others and make them their own.
  5. War – creating and uniting with a tribe a family, fighting to protect or for their benefit. Soldiers are trained to think of each other as brothers, and the unity with a primal tribe, a fighting for the whole provide purpose in war.

    But these are all great purposes things that are large and general imposing themselves on the whole of our lives. Why were these what came up when I write this? I do not know, but when I write stories and fiction, these are the topics I shall aspire to explore, and that is where I’ll try to give them justice.
    Here let me find smaller things, ones that would seem insubstantial, small purposes, and wonder if any hold a candle to the large ones. (Despite there seeming impact, they are still lesser in a personal way. The greatest of world purpose hardly holds the same weight as a smaller purpose; a great purpose takes work to build to become something with impact. It is something we should create. I can not do small as I originally intended today, but I can do something more.)
  6. Fiction – the worlds of others, the human experience, sharing, and creativity. This but not of one’s own, fueled by the words of others, it can provide a purpose for those lost in a machine. Something that can provide perspective, what the machine serves and works toward, sometimes an escape a way out and a way forward. Always sharing in the purposes of others.
  7. World Peace – something that eludes us, unity with an ideal. Something greater morally, but farther from the biological and natural purposes, often one that borrows in the way of fiction, but one that gives more than takes, always pushing forward but with no direct path. One path may be declared above all others, but the complexity of the matter is what proves its distance.
  8. Sharing – a deep, unique expression. More real than the tribes but to truly be a purpose above, it is removed, built up, and extended beyond its natural reach. Sharing does not constitute a complete purpose as it is removed from its tribalistic routes; it is an idea we serve and advance. And it is worth the effort.

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