12 More Randomly Generated Words

Yesterday’s post never got uploaded. Apparently my internet connection died and my computer crashed before I saved it. And I lost the post from the day before. I still don’t know why that didn’t show up. So here’s today’s test post, I hope it shows up, and I’ll try and make up for the missing posts with a long post tomorrow. Today though a random word generator post to help me come up with ideas (I did not give myself enough time for this).

  1. Pat

    An affectionate strike often targeted at the head.
  2. Knit

    Needle and thread, sitting in bed.
    Knitting is neat, but I still avoid sleep,
  3. Young

    We have a lot of association with the word young and we use it in myriad ways. It all makes sense until you think about it.
  4. Fever

    It’s how your body fights against sickness. You don’t want to treat a fever you want to treat its cause.
  5. justice

    Sought by many achieved by few.
    Never enjoyed it by all.
    Its a compromise between our animal selves and our ideals.
  6. Dimension

    Size, space, and time.
    Sometimes I fail to rhyme.
    Love, fear, and hate.
    It’s not one dimensional I can relate.
  7. Expression

    What else could this be? But an expression of the self.
    An expression of emotion, but possibly expressing lies.
  8. Aviation

    Named after birds occupied by planes.
    As flat as possible really.
    (I’ll try to communicate more clearly tomorrow, I don’t have a rhyme for this.)
  9. Thirsty

    Not enough water or not enough soul.
    We miss the fact that our deity was worshiped ass a desert god.
  10. Anxiety

    Is to fear as an itch is to pain.
    But probably more harmful.
    (It just won’t go away)
  11. Quiet

    Peace sometimes.
    But sound can scratch the itch.
  12. Chain

    If I chain this to the previous entries you may think this was planned.
    Do it yourself.

It seems losing 2 posts caused me to not care anymore. I will still post every day, but I just feel like my image (the little I had regarding the blog,) has been ruined, and I need to do something to repair my integrity. This blog will be daily until I find a project a real one, or begin to post a different type of content that will be enjoyed by a larger audience. (The more popular or successful I am in this blog the more it will take for me to stop it. I hope to make something better is all I still want to be good to my current audience, whoever you be.) That is my promise.

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