List Regarding Being Considerate Or At Least Being Considered As Such.

It seems I have a certain voice today, I will use it as it manifests, I think the title of this post caused me to think this way, I will try to realign my thoughts and language for the next post.

  1. Why do we want to be considerate is it because we consider the view of others, do we want it to be known?
  2. Or maybe we believe others consider our view the same as we consider theirs. Do others judge us as we judge them, let us be considerate of their reasons so that our judgments are less harsh.
  3. When considerate we take others into our consideration as if they were worth our mental effort. We desire to be worth theirs.
  4. There is more to being considerate than reciprocation, is there an element of moral superiority?
  5. Does it provide us a feeling of having an advantage over others?
  6. Should I reconsider my repeated use of the word root consider, is it to separate from the more term considerate at least as it a has developed, or am I causing consideration of what the word means and what we mean by it.
  7. Did I consider how this non-sense post will cause my readers to see my previous post, it will be somewhat controversial anyways and I have probably expressed my ignorance. So I hope you don’t hold this considerable silliness against me.
  8. Why do we consider what is silly as far from the truth, humor is often a softener of reality. And the reality is often silly as it doesn’t conform to human sense. What is logical is not what feels right.
  9. Are we being considerate just by pretending to be so, we need to consider others reactions at least and how they will feel. Doubly so in fact, as we want to make them feel as if they’re worth our consideration, or maybe that we’re providing it as a charity.
  10. Do we lash against our helpers as their charity in being considerate towards us when we feel we aren’t deserving of it, does that charity hurt our pride?

Ah big questions, I may in fact have reached deeper in this silly post than I did in the previous less silly post, I hope you have a nice day.

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