What If Aliens…

It seems three posts in a day was too much for me. Not that any of the posts were up to the expected length. Still I said I would write three posts so let me at least be honest about that. Here are the questions I can’t come up with the answers today.

  1. …were here all along?
  2. …were actors in human politics?
  3. …planted humanity on earth?
  4. …used us for social experimentation?
  5. …were here throughout history but forgot about us?
  6. …stoped visiting us because we didn’t live up to their standards?
  7. …didn’t exist at all in all the universe?
  8. …are sending us messages every day but we don’t have the sensory organs to interpret them?
  9. …know about us and sometimes space tourists visit us but the large majority of space-faring people don’t care?
  10. …are like us?
  11. …send ambassadors to earth with different alien countries allying with earth countries?
  12. …use earth to fight proxy wars?

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