10 Places Where Familiarity Replace Taste

I may be wrong but that can be said about anything. We like what’s familiar the more we see something the more we like it, etc.

  1. Music – This has no right to be controversial, yes I like bad music. I know I like bad music. Genres often have familiar elements, and different countries and times had different patterns. But what happened to appreciating the music of an unfamiliar style, learning rhythm so that you can enjoy music from elsewhere, and listening to unfamiliar stuff? Well nothing happened, we were always insular, but can’t we at least find some way to define music by quality. I like music that at least 3/5 rhythm, 4/5 melody, XYZ instruments, and it can repeat over and over for all I care. Can’t we have something like that? (not unless there is some music in education.)
  2. T.V (well Netflix) – Sitcom, soap operas, it’s all comfort food really. Comfort food is familiar, it doesn’t rock the boat, and it plays well in the background.
  3. Cinema – a predictable storyline, snarky characters, and impressive action setpieces. Many people like a specific genre of movies, such as heist movies. And movies from preferred genres can be mostly unoriginal as long as they hit the same points, your memory will fill in the blanks.
  4. So-Called Nostalaga Games – When you do the same thing for years because it’s “nostalgia” it’s not, it’s familiar, it’s more of what you like. And sometimes it’s everywhere for example…
  5. Pokemon – It’s been popular for so long and even when it was new they just stuck pokemon on everything. remember pokemon pinball? pokemon snap? I liked pokemon pinball but I like most pinball, be it digital or machine.
  6. Branded Things – Board Games, Movies, Video games. Stick a familiar pop-culture symbol form 20 years ago and you’ll get buyers. Video game movies sell and they are notoriously low quality, the problem with that is that most people do eventually catch on.
  7. Home Building – we build houses that are familiar mostly. But if you look at some newly built houses, people just stick things that are familiar onto their houses because they looked nice somewhere.
    – (I was out of ideas after 3 entries but that’s why I decided to write ten)
  8. Subscription – I don’t try to be familiar but we often follow things far longer than they entertain us.
  9. The Simpsons – At least I say so, last specific thing I put on this list.
    – (I would say these lists but I spent far more time than I should trying to come up with some of these. I thought it would be easy.)
  10. Coffee – Sometimes you do sleep enough. And sometimes you like bad coffee because you’re already used to it, and it was cheap.

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