A Better Direction (Hopefully)

I feel as if I’ve been losing some of my creativity, at least in what I’ve been producing for this blog. I want to be sure that what I’m putting out there is right, that I’m using safe (for lack of a better word) information. But the problem with safe information is that I need external sources to verify. I cannot share the perceptions of my senses as truth, for my senses are flawed, logic and math don’t help if you’re using the wrong numbers, and in my first assessments, I am more often wrong than right.

Meanwhile, some of my greatest posts, or at least my most creative ones, began with a wrong idea, a first guess. By putting my understanding out there I can perceive its flaws, and I can correct many of my errors before sharing my words with the world. So for today and for an indeterminate amount of time after (anywhere from a day to a month to forever), my posts will be based in unsafe thoughts, ideas, and first perceptions re-perceived. I need to internalize that the purpose of this blog is to explore ideas, and this is how.

That being said, I did start a number of posts today but all of my ideas ending up being regressive loops (My reasoning wasn’t very good, so I dismissed it.) And forcing myself to come up with something more won’t work. So I promise to write more stuff down, and so I’ll have ideas to expand upon and post here, but for today I won’t force myself to try and come up with something more.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow.

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