Trying To Be Creative

It’s easy to declare that I’ll do something creative every day, but being creative is hard. So here are I’ll try to be creative about things I can do when trying to be creative. (Hey, I may have a few future posts. I may be speaking in the second person but of the people, I’m talking to one of them is my tomorrow self.)

  1. Explain Something You Don’t Know – Take a topic or an event I know nothing about, and make up an explanation. Creativity is often derived from errors, so if I want to make something original, I got to be wrong.
  2. Find The Most Convoluted Solution – find something that is done efficiently and ask yourself, what is the most convoluted method to do so. The creativity will come with some of the steps along the way, and some of them may even be useful for less straightforward tasks.
  3. Imagine You Have A Unique Tool – it’s about emotional perspective as well. It’s all well and good to say what if I had x superpower, but imagine you were the only person who had it, how would you use it, what would you make. You can change the world with this, or maybe you can acquire vast amounts of wealth, what if it were real how much time and effort would you put into it, imagine it is real if only for an hour.
  4. Imagine You Were In A Unique Position – aliens have arrived on earth, and You are the only one who can communicate with them. Same thought process as the last one, but you can use more realistic positions such as CEO of x company. Then it’s just a hypothetical, but you can be creative with those.
  5. Enrich Your Understanding Than Expand Blindly – The topic I will choose is sewage because I keep on claiming I have no interest in sewage-related topics. Still, historically it had some severe effects on society. There aren’t many sewage experts are there? Are plumbers considered sewage experts? Anyways, learn something and make a number of guesses on what the next thing you learn will be, or make more guesses you are entirely unqualified to make but are knowledgeable enough that people can’t tell.
  6. Set A High Minimum Limit – It’s the reasons my lists are lists of ten. I have no option but to try and come up with something new, or to rack my brain for something obscure. Not always the most effective, but instead of trying to come up with a solution to a problem, try five.
  7. Let Yourself Go – If you declared a high minimum, but you find yourself putting large amounts of time and thought into a single entry focus on that. The limits are to force yourself to be creative, but if you have limited time and you’re already being creative, you can drop the original limit. OR even the original structure if you think you can get away with it. (can you tell I’m running out, and just decided to give myself future advice for this one? Well, back to what I intended to do.)
  8. Deconstruct Someone Else’s Creativity – You can’t always make something new, try to observe a creative act or the result of such and deconstruct. I need more understanding before I steal concepts as I would do so blindly, but by seeing others focus, I can find gaps I can fill in.
  9. Try To See If Something Can Be Done Better – Like doorknobs, but what about our wrists. A good thought experiment, but I’m not sure if you’ll produce anything of value.
  10. Redefine Something – Don’t try to communicate something else; try to say it differently. What is color? A phenomenon of sight? The way we perceive different wavelengths of light? The movement of photons? Try to redefine things, you’ll find the gaps that need filling in, and that’s where a more technical type of creativity can be applied.

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