Weekend Update

I’ll finish preperparing posts tomorrow, it’s on my schedule and if I finish what I started today then I should have a backup post done. That means no more weekend posts like this one.

Today I don’t have any more content to provide for you because the holey Sabbath is still out after eight and since I’m fixing my sleep schedule I’m not using my main computer (because my phone is also a computer) past 8:30.

Self imposed costs and all that.

So here are 12 Uninhibited Ideas For Movie Titles, I hope my disinhibition makes up for my lack of effort.

  1. The Documentarian
  2. The Cursed Headphones
  3. Hacking The Universe
  4. Falling Of Cliffs
  5. Miranda Said No
  6. Parliament In Space
  7. Lost, Lost, Yet Still, Lost
  8. Marbles Are Like…
  9. Misanthropic Missletoe
  10. Contemptuous Coppers
  11. Kill Khrushchev Yesterday
  12. A World Without Pipes

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