10 Ideas For Decks Of Flashcards (well not exactly flashcards but I don’t have a better term)

I’ve lost today’s schedule as well. But I was closer this time, still didn’t get the post done though. I’ll try a more complete exercise tomorrow, but I can’t promise a better post.

Maybe a set of digital flashcards or reminders, and achievement system for lining them up with real-life and were golden.

  1. Cloud Patterns – And types and names, you can look at a cloud see what causes it to form. This can be good to get the scientifically minded into cloud watching or to get the cloud watchers interested in some other subjects.
  2. Constellations – To be sold like punch cards at airports. You want to sign off on all the consultations you can find. Maybe have a picture on your phone to prove it, or maybe have a printout system, and you want to get your own deck with rewards for those who provide the best pictures.
    Yup, this feels right.
  3. Recycling Types – Not fun, but it helps figure out what garbage-can the bottle goes in.
  4. Uses For Plastic Bottles – More fun than the previous one. It can be any disposable, With different difficulty projects, instead of throwing it out, pick a random card, and do something fun.
  5. Mini Bucket List – Or small things everyone should do at least once in their lives. Take an hour out of your day for the stay at home deck.
  6. Morning Productivities – Sold as a part of a self-help program. There are a number of defaults, but you can add or replace any with your own. Draw a card every morning, and on each card is something you can get done and complete in half an hour. Sometimes as simple as making the bed, or spending some time organizing your room, see if your still interested in an old hobby or spend some time writing something out.
  7. Outfit list – Maybe a set of colors that go together if it’s non-personalized. My mother did something similar when she made a flip-book for one of her clients, and that’s where this idea came from. In this one, you either have a randomly suggested outfit form your Every-Day, Semi-Formal or Formal decks. But you could just have colors if you don’t want your clothing to clash.
  8. Chores – Also, self-help less than 30 minutes per card. At least 30 min of non-urgent important stuff every day.
  9. Counter Arguments – Selling a different deck for different conspiracies or proven false theories. Each deck contains a number of counter-arguments with an iron-manned opponent.
  10. Flash Throwing Cards – You read them in order, designed so that they can be easily thrown. Each card teaches you more about how to properly throw cards with the earlier cards being easier than the later cards.

I shall be the card master MWAHAHA. I only need a card printer first, and the room to put it in, and ink, and cardstock. Maybe just some cheap card-sleeves a few old decks of cards, an ordinary printer, and scissors. no need to get fancy. (Other than investment and sunk cost motivation. It isn’t the sunk cost fallacy because it’s worth doing anyway and you using the cost not to be lazy. Same mechanism though.)

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