Not Thinking About Thinking

Or maybe I’m just thinking about not thinking.

Well I refuse to complete my other post, I just don’t want to, anxiety may be the reasons but I don’t think so, it’s more like paralysis, I’ll complete it tomorrow morning, and see if I can write another.

I don’t really want to think at the moment, thinking hurts I’ve thunked too much today. But I still promised daily posts.

I thought I had a good idea, I was wrong.
Well, I thought so but that would be recursive.
So I think I can write more here,
but I think I don’t want to think.
I think it’s decision-fatigue.
I want to spend hours sleeping, but it won’t help.
I should spend hours exercising as well.
And hours practicing piano that always puts me in order.
But instead, I spend hours thinking about doing so,

Thinking I want to,
then thinking I don’t.
Thinking I’m willing,
but knowing I won’t.

Why would I do what I wish to do,
if I can keep doing what I feel like doing.
Well, as long as it doesn’t take too much out of me.

I shall spend effort not thinking here it is the least I can do for you. I don’t think it is healthy, I think I took it to far the other way, instead of ignoring I am magnifying but I am also making it feel far too large. It isn’t I should deal, not just can but should.

So I will. Or so I claim.
In my hands I hold my name.
In my name I old a choice.
To rejoice in others or to be rejoiced.

But what value is providing entertainment when there already is an endless supply? I can make it valuable. And that is a rule. In all my doings I shall make value.

Am I meditating in writing, if I were I would probably be writing faster? (and with far more grammatical errors. Or at least I wouldn’t be fixing them right away.)

Should I create more of the content you are coming here for? Probably. I want to promise I will but looking at my analytics and I don’t know if anyone is consistently coming here for content. Well, that’s a lie, I think there are at least 10 people, and I think that means at least someone is getting something out of it. And isn’t that the point, if you could help one person would you? Should you? Am I helping or do you find me funny?

Well the words have stopped and I’m running out of time, adieu have a nice future, and hopefully, see you tomorrow when I’m more coherent.

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