20 Additional Ideas For Children’s Books

I don’t have the time for a complicated blog post. But it’s my fault I wasted time I should have spent doing things so I’m writing something easy. I do not agree that all of these should exist for some of them I’m making a point. Well a number of points, if you disagree respond, I’m kinda fishing for it.

  1. The Big Shark
  2. A Thousand Little Fishes
  3. The Computer Is Evil
  4. The Wonders Of Technology
  5. Back In Grandady’s Day
  6. The World Is Round And That’s That
  7. The Kid WIthout Toys
  8. The Deep Dark Web
  9. All The Happy Factory Kids
  10. Santas Little Elves
  11. Scared Proper
  12. How To Answer The Phone
  13. The Strange Lollypop
  14. Don’t Get Into The Van
  15. Adults Are Abominable
  16. The Smallest Sheep
  17. Wiseass Jerry
  18. Bad Words Like Sh!t
  19. Little Angels
  20. The Delivering Drone

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