12 Easy Promises (For Practise)

I’ve just spent almost an hour reading PC reviews trying to justify wanting the device I want. I did start writing a post earlier today but it wasn’t at all coherent and I was kinda overwhelmed, seeing as the sabbath is still out pretty late I didn’t have time to make this better, in fact by the time I got to writing this post it was 11:34 and I needed to get it done before midnight. So it’s not much I’ll see if I can make my other idea coherent tomorrow and regardless I’ll start working on my blog post earlier in the day because that is an easy promise to keep. (And I need to practice making promises I can keep.)

I’m not going for some of the most basic of promises (I’ll eat breakfast, brush my teeth, not run around naked in public.) because there are hundereds and I’m trying to do something here in the (approximately) 20 minutes I have.

If you are my mother and reading this I am not making these promises, remind me of this post when you read it, and I will verbalize 4 of these to you then after two weeks I can verbalize another 4. I need to keep track of things in my schedule and even simple things are words on the paper, so I would like it to become a habit instead of filling up the page.

  1. I promise to make my bed in the morning.
  2. I promise to wash the dishes 3 times every Sunday (for the foreseeable future)
  3. I promise to wash the dishes every {day other than Monday}. (this is how I can get things done mother, deal with it.)
  4. I promise to write my posts before 8 pm on all days other than Saturday.
  5. I promise to leave this place cleaner than I found it. (make this one a lot, it’s good to practice.)
  6. I promise to write an extra post every Sunday. (I won’t publish it, of course, it’s my backup fro Saturdays, which I didn’t have today, I was very bad about my blog for a large portion of this week, and I didn’t make this promise so, me needing to write something extra someday didn’t help.)
  7. I promise to walk the dog every day.
  8. I promise to put my future posts in the proper categories. (and by making this here I won’t forget. But I’m writing this for people other than me so no more promises about my blog.)
  9. I promise to set my alarm to wake me up before 8:30. (It’s nice to sleep in and I have that pleasure at the moment, but there is such a thing as too much.)
  10. I promise to work on my grammar. (for at least an hour every week until I pass the grammar test with perfect scores. Well the test I am yet to choose but trust me it will work.)

    I promise I will keep my promises. (it’s why I’m practicing)
  11. I promise to clean up after myself even if the others don’t. (it’s not something you promise once.)
  12. I promise to hear you out. (and not try to fix it myself. It is hard, but the promise makes it easier, discussions can come at a later date.)

Oh I know what the topic of this blog post was, it was taking small responsibilities. Well I’m not confident enough to change the titles

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