What-If I Owned A Gold Mine

I’d be rich.

But what would that mean? Would I deserve it?

What mystical force would cause a what-if of this sort to manifest in reality? Would I deserve it would it come as a result of my labors? Or would it be inheritance? A product of luck.

What is my responsibility to have it mined ethically and to what degree? How much of the wealth do I get to keep how much do I deserve? If it cists more to extract the gold ethically? Can I cut a few of the costs at least to make up for my initial investment, aren’t I adding wealth to the world anyway? (Am I?)

What if I have a sick relative, what if I could use that money to liberate a country? Save a thousand refugees isn’t that worth the 200 workers difficulty their pain, the unforeseen risk and possible loss of life? According to our internal predictions at least 4 people will have their lives lost or ruined in an accident. (How does tgis reflect on our attitude regarding human experimentation?)

And shouldn’t I as the person who is fronting the costs, and the legal owner of the resource, get a small cut? At least so that I can feed my family? Don’t I deserve some creature comforts? After all, without me, thousands would be suffering.

But I’ve been saving my cut for another great project, the creation of wealth, I’ll buy a mine off of someone who couldn’t profit, who didn’t do what was necessary.

But I can’t manage all these mines on my own the process is growing and I need to hire more overseers. Well than I should delegate, hire management. Fuckers demand too large a cut but I can’t help it they need to hire underlings, and I don’t have the time to interview them all.

And why is all the money disappearing the management can’t seem to hire trustworthy underlings and I’m leaking money left and right. Every single one of them trying to take their own cut.

So I’ll have a purge. Get rid of the corruption hire some HR people to get it done. It’s a big business there’s a lot to do.

So why don’t I decrease supply…

  • At this point, I ran out of time. My computer wasn’t cooperative so I am working on my phone. Sorry for any accidental grammar mistake and thank you for your time.

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