Being Special (and 10 ways to do so.)

Today my brother commented on the fact that I use weird language, not that I make words up, but I use slang and imitate speech patterns that have long since been defunct. Now I don’t notice that much, but I should probably go out more. This response had come as a result of me using capiche in a conversation. And I responded that people understand me when I’m talking to them, and I like to vary my word choice. But I’ve been wondering why, and I think I figured it out.

I want to be unique, to be special. And I’ve known that about myself for a few years now but I didn’t make the connection right away. (it seems to be an immutable part of myself, but maybe I’ll grow out of it. I’m young I don’t know what immutable means, not really.) I don’t know why I want to be this way but it makes me feel warm inside. It might be because I want to be remembered and useful, it might be related to a more primal need to have a unique role in society, to be irreplaceable. We have been a tribal species for the largest section of our history.
But I digress I still need to write a post today and this isn’t getting me there.

So here are 10 Ways to be special.

  1. Hang out with two or more distinct groups – Be they political or hobbyists. It doesn’t count if you’re with a main political party group and an unrelated hobby, they need to be somewhat exclusive. So for political groups, you can find some niche ideology, or maybe you can hang out with third parties.
  2. Have strong opinions on a wide variety of topics – And the opinions have to be strong enough for them to affect your behavior. Act on them. Argue about why we need to use composting toilets. How power creep is not inevitable in TCG’s. Have a preferred type of hinges you have on your house doors.
  3. Experiment wildly – are there words that would be easier to use to communicate? Do you sound smarter when using short or long words? is there a more comfortable way to wake up in the morning? If you can answer these questions for yourself, you’ll have far more customized habits, you will be efficient in your activities, and best of all your methods will be the best ones for you.

    (Sheesh this is harder than I thought it would be I don’t want to be quirky or try-hard I want to be special and to be so while being honest.)
  4. Be brave – or braver than most. But most importantly be brave where others aren’t. Even if you’re a coward where they’re not.
  5. Be true – as the Anna Karenina principle “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Our flaws are what make us unique, and in our social behavior, we adopt personas and behaviors similar to others in order not to stand out. You don’t want to have to fake special, eventually, it will wear off.
  6. Don’t be stupid – Flaws and bravery can make us special and stupidity encompasses both. but if your stupid your flaws are not unique, the flaws of the stupid lead us to imitate others and to fall for simple traps. But stupidity when properly applied, choose to be stupid in a certain situation, can be quite effective, but then it isn’t really being stupid, is it?
  7. Play creative games – make up games and challenges, find what you like, find what interests you, and play with it. What is the most common collar in advertisements? How would the world be different if we had better sewage systems? Play your own games.
  8. Remember people’s names – you’ll seem special to them and that’s a good start. There are tons of tricks and techniques for this but I’m not going into them now.
  9. Be creative actively – try making something play around with paper hats or something. but put creativity into practice, even on a small scale. It helps to build up individuality it’s something you do that many don’t and it won’t take long until you enjoy it, and it may become a sort of habit. Our habits define us and having rare habits bring us one step closer to being special.
  10. Make new habits – avoid becoming stagnant if your habits have you being not-special pick up new ones. This requires discipline, but choosing to become anything requires discipline. Be disciplined and don’t be afraid to learn something useless or to do something stupid.

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  1. As to your number 1, a museum curator I know used to bring two completely unrelated fields together to be able to see what was created out of the intersection.

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