11 Idea For Home Product Brand names

I just spent 20 minutes writing two paragraphs in a post I wanted to do about Pavlov. I spent more time reading about him and I’m spent so here’s a quick post for today.

  1. De-Dustifiers
  2. Clearer Views – windows and counters
  3. Rinse Clean Glass – easy to wash, just rinse to clean.
  4. Juice Everything
  5. Under The Table – collapsible and easy to store cleaning supplies
  6. Muffin Men – selling to men with romantic ambitions, easy to cook, and to cook with.
  7. Electro-clean – for taking care of household electronics.
  8. The Handy Sanitizer – easy to use cleaning supplies
  9. Stackable Storage (or maybe just Stackables) – For better storage of cups, bowls, spices, and silverware.
  10. Bunker Brooms – Household tools that will stay with you through anything.
  11. Green, Blue, And Yellow Homes – household reuse and recycle. Bottlecap cleaners, refillable plastic bag dispensers, Plastic wrap re-wrappers, and more.

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