12 Ideas For Clothing Brand Names

Everything exists already, and halfway through today’s first list I realized that everything I thought up already existed in one form or another. So here is something I hope is more original. And is on the same line as yesterday.

  1. Bronze Boxer
  2. One plus you
  3. Orca – for the very large, maybe Killer Whale, but I think that would be a bit too much on the nose.
  4. Name Yourself – clothing with personality
  5. Legs For Days – This isn’t coming to me as easily as I hoped it would
  6. Royal Velvet – kinda derivative of me, but this whole thing is. I’m only doing this because I wasted all my time on other stuff, and my first post went nowhere.
  7. An Ocean In The Eyes – Now I’m back
  8. Greg’s Grail –
  9. Marians March Madness – There is a logic to this; it’s just based on bad data.
  10. Penny’s Perfect Price
  11. Go master’s gravitas – guess my gender, I dare you
  12. Glida – it means ice cream in Hebrew. But doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?


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