Even More Book Ideas

I got new glasses today… you know what, I’ll write a better post after the holy Sabbath, I make that promise with full intent to keep it. And I shall, I designate the time from 9 to 10 to the blog post and I can go over if I need to. The premise shall be Indomitable, and I have a day to figure out what to do with that. Today I’ll write another one of these.

  1. The Other Sea- Historical path-finding, a dramatization of the finding of another continent.
  2. Also People – a sequel, much more political and tragic in nature
  3. Copycat Conquerors – A small island nation uses imported technology to conquer the island chain. Historical as well, but it would still make a great novel.
  4. Making Cents – A crime novel
  5. Lost Lemmings – Suicide is not the end, but it doesn’t end to a happy continuation.
  6. This Must Be Something – LIfe from the perspective of an individual who doesn’t believe in coincidences.
  7. As Simple As Praise – A Book On Raising Children
  8. Vibrant Violent Violets – Ninjas, but actually competent at stealth.
  9. Grey Symbols – We can’t see alien colors.
  10. Parallel Timelines – time travel is inconsistent and there are different methods (6 dimensions and all that)

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