So circumstances, but tomorrow I have more time than I have circumstances, so tomorrow I shall become closer to indomitable. But I desire to give it the time it deserves so for today I am domitable, but in a way, I am still indomitable and I hope to prove so tomorrow. For now, I’ll make up a few quotes with this theme. I am thinking it through I promise they are not nonsense, the annoying wording is because they seem to lose something in translation.

  1. The weak give up when they fail; the indomitable give up at the moment of greatest success. Fear does not stop them, but the will to do something greater.
  2. We can be indomitable in our pursuit of mediocrity; when our fear becomes us and will never again be overcome.
  3. When conquered by fear and wishing for an alternative to ourselves, we see chaos as strength.
  4. If you’re afraid to lose your success, you succeeded because you were afraid to fail. But strength comes in many forms, who am I to judge.
  5. If is a strong word, all words used before it pale in comparison.
  6. I am not absolute. Have a nice day.

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