Well, I am not indomitable yet, my will seems weaker than the winds themselves, and posting Indomitable would be disingenuous for I do not want to reinterpret the word so that it applies to me.

I can still set aside an hour to write another post so I’ll do that. For this one, I think I’ll put clarity first, or maybe I’ll try and justify the way I order my words. Give me a few minutes I need to think it through.

Well I know have half an hour, and I’ve gotten nowhere I’m sorry if this blog hasn’t been much recently, I don’t know what to do. (well I do but I don’t want to spend the time, so tomorrow I will spend the time and if that continues well I will have guaranteed more interesting posts next week. Still, that doesn’t solve my short term problem.)

Thirty became twenty and twenty became ten, and I don’t know why I’m being so melodramatic, or if I’m using the word melodramatic correctly, but if I don’t write something now I don’t think I’ll end up writing anything, so here is some more being dramatic about time passing.

Also, my website could use some work, I need to make it prettier, and WordPress must have updated or something but the new UI disgusts me, I must just hate squares.

  1. Tick tock goes the clock, and… Wait you’ve heard this before
  2. Sometimes I wonder why I try, then I wake up and my actions have meanings
  3. Were experts at subverting our own expectations.
  4. And then there were three.

    I should not try and edit this because then it wouldn’t exist. (And now it doesn’t you hear me?)
  5. It bothers me when stories allow for too much malleability in space or time, it removes all the suspense.
  6. I am immortal form this day to the next, for I will exist despite the fact that I don’t. (because we’re always changing get it, eh, eh? I don’t think this comment adds anything.)
  7. And then a day passed and it passed the same way, well from our perspective, there was pain and joy and fun and even a little bit of hatred, but none of that is new to you is it?
  8. Well, the only pain left to us is the pain not yet in existence, we try to get used to it by experiencing it in advance.
  9. I tire and I will sleep but tomorrow I will tire again.
  10. I play and then will tire but tomorrow I will play some more.
  11. I work than I collapse but tomorrow I will work some more.
  12. And yet the work eludes me, a lie I say when I elude it.

I went over time somehow, by a bit. But this wasn’t the most thoughtful post, it was actually a bit like a dream, I was processing information and this is just the little experience of the bits moving through the process.

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