10 More Ideas For Apps

The names are all works in… well if I ever take any of these ideas further I’ll think them through. My ideas seem to be very light, for lack of a better word, today. Not that they would be easy to make it’s just something with me. I
As always I can’t promise I’m original the only thing I can promise is that I’ve never seen any of these before.

  1. Unpaved Alleyways – Record directions and shortcuts, with travel difficulty and vehicle (foot, bicycle, skateboard, truck, etc.) Probably packaged with some basic GPS.
  2. The Little Corners – an app for sharing out of the way wonders, a beautiful lookout, a forgotten historical sight, the best place to watch the sunset, and the like.
  3. Do It Yourself – A more specialized library and search engine for how-to tasks. Want to switch a tire, what tools do you have on hand? Includes a general guidebook on day to day tasks and things you should probably hire a professional for.
  4. Acronym Generator And Pronouncer – a general guide with advanced options for syllable choice and letter exclusion. Made to be easy to pronounce and has an indicator if it sounds too much like something else, and it auto identifies if it might be construed as inappropriate with a red, yellow, or green warning. Of course, you can also have it only show red results, but who would want to do that?
  5. Wisen It Up – makes a quote sound wiser, to be used as a time-waster or joke maker, and only occasionally for the app’s stated purpose.
  6. Stupid Idea Zone – A place to share ideas without them getting laughed at, but this would probably work better as a website so it will be something between Reddit and Quora, maybe Ifunny.
  7. Get To Work – An angry alarm clock but for the middle of the day, interrupts anything but a phone call and has an optional feature that locks you out of all but a few preselected apps. Or maybe it will be a paid feature.
  8. Do Better At {} – like am exercise app that measures progress but for other tasks each {} may be a separate app.
  9. Review Anything – it’s in the title, don’t know the details I didn’t have any ideas for this list, to begin with so yeah.
  10. You have something better to do – a screen with the words you have something better to do, other phrases and suggestions float across the screen slowly.

I get it, most of my ideas were “like” something else today. That’s whats up.

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