12 Ideas For Chairs

I’m still struggling to write something today. But I’m sitting on a chair why don’t I try to innovate that. We’ll see if anything comes out of it. I’m referring to sitting chairs, not recliners.
Disclaimer, some of these may already exist but I didn’t know,

  1. Adjustable curve – Something balloon-like, you can adjust it to have the bulge wherever in the chair so that it sits in the best place for your back. There is also a quick video guide to see what is healthiest for you.
  2. Angle adjustment – same but for the angle, mainly a tool to help sit up straight, or to help old people stand up. More solid than ordinary office chairs, I want something that holds when you push against it. We spend lots of time in these chairs health comes before comfort, especially if it is something you can get used to the discomfort won’t last forever but if you mess up your back…
  3. Memory fome back – only the back of the chair, well the office chair. It’s limited in its use a small bulge on the bottom to help sit up straight, and that’s about it.
  4. Adjustable, Solid, neck brace – for people who do competitive or semi-competitive gaming, to hold the neck in place not just to lean against. also has something you can lean against to massage your neck.
  5. Motorized wheels – you know what, office chairs wheels stuck. So let’s make them better, or let’s make them lockable, or let’s make them fast so that we can play bumper chairs… This is stupid but if I didn’t put my stupid ideas on this list I wouldn’t be able to complete it.
  6. Insect repellent – or maybe a bug zapper, probably stupid unless can be made cheaply enough than can be sold in certain countries.
  7. Under chair drawer – why don’t you have a way to store your laptop inside our office chair I bet there is no way to do that wrong. But depending on how portable the chair it can be a pocket for a few pens, a safe place to keep your reading glasses, a place to put your phone, or a hidden pocket for the wallet if you’re paranoid. (we spend too much time in chairs don’t we?)
  8. Stain-proof fabric – that is still nice to sit on or to have around the table. Don’t want that plastic crap. (I’m allowed to be a snob sometimes.)
  9. A “you sat too long” timer – some people might need it, maybe schools because you don’t want to spy on your students but the kids will get around it anyway. the timer will only reset if the chair is unoccupied for 200 seconds more or less.
  10. A phone charger – well why not. I can think of a dozen reasons this is stupid, next!
  11. A laptop charger – I’m running out of time, not every day can be a banger. Maybe this one can just be a place to put cables or to hold them up. I know! it can have one of those outlet multipliers (splitter?) thingies. (on the bottom of the chair of course)

    Actually musical chairs (nope not doing this one)
  12. Under the seat air conditioning or heating – Because I may as well make a super expensive chair that only the cool rich people use.

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