Expectations Ruin Everything

Now I wanted to write a post about passwords today, and I was really excited about it when I was showering yesterday. Now I know not all the ideas I have when showering are good, but they make good posts because I have to think them through.

So anyway, I was excited I spent 20 minutes thinking it through I think I hit something, and in my imagination it is great. I create a method by which an ordinary person can create and remember a large number of long passwords that is replicable and can be learned in less than 2 hours. Now it would probably take around 6 hours (over a few weeks, preferably), but even others who know the method wouldn’t be able to guess your passwords, and it would only be 10 minutes a day of practice. Or it could be something you learn in twenty minutes but have to go to look it up whenever you wanted to create another password. I could also be selling myself short. But for any of the above, I would need at least a week to construct and test it.

You could also use it to remember other stuff, but not where you put your car keys that’s on you.

Now I wouldn’t be blazing much new ground here, and I could also try to get to a half hour take away, but for that, I would also need some time.

So, why haven’t I wrote the post, gotten the ball rolling, seen if my idea is any good?
Probably because I’m afraid to mess it up, I want my ideas to be great, and so I am afraid to manifest them. I make things up about them, and I underestimate the possibilities.
Maybe I overestimate myself and secretly know it, so I’m unwilling to put it into action.

Well, whatever, I want to make sense, so here is a list of 7 things defined by expectations. Why 7? because after 40 minutes working on this I’m done. I don’t need to make things up; I’m trying to reflect reality here, not subvert it.

  1. Disappointment – When you expect something, and it doesn’t come to pass
  2. Breakdown – What happens when it isn’t all okay, but you expected it to be.
  3. Failure – When reality doesn’t conform to your expectations
  4. Hunger – When our body expects to be fed. (sometimes you actually need the food, but if you live in a first-world country and aren’t homeless, this is the case.)
  5. Excitement – Expecting it to be better. (and when you expect it to be better because you will have something more.)
  6. Accustomed – a reality similar to your expectations.
  7. Prepare – acting so that you can survive what you expect ot happen.

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