An Additional 12 Ideas For Podcasts

Here’s today’s post, I would say don’t expect much form the weekend but I did do the floor today, so I can put aside the time tomorrow, I just didn’t want to. So tomorrow I will try a few things if any of them work out you’ll see a good post here otherwise I’ll still post something, Saturday evening (after Shabbat) don’t expect much I don’t have much time, and I’ll be starting late. Regardless I ran into the ignorance wall for three other posts today and I don’t have much time left for this so here’s a comfort post. (easy and comfortable to write.)

  1. In Pursuit Of Comfort – Things rich people did throughout history in order to make their lives more comfortable. From the shipping of large quantities of ice to buying a television station, and more exotic things.
  2. Clean Water – The story of how humanity moved water around and why we forgot.
  3. Your Hobby Or your Life – a documentary (It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I don’t have the time to write this out for all of these)
  4. 10 01 11 – A history of computer programing with explanations.
  5. Twelve-hour days – Examples of counting in different bases.
  6. Purple Shoes For The Poor – Things that were once considered delicacies and why. You may discover some fantastic cheap food.
  7. Your Web-Browser Sucks – a guide to better computer hygiene for the completely uninformed.
  8. How To Not Repeat Yourself – reviewing discussions and debates.
  9. When Not To Read A Classic – some classics just aren’t worth reading, here’s why and a review of said classic and why it is considered as such.
  10. I Will Never Blank Again – Documentary about people who so-overindulged in something that they lost all taste for it. And why
  11. Better Options – it’s okay to spend a bit of extra money on small purchases, but on stuff like furniture or computers, you want to be able to get your money’s worth, especially if you don’t know if you’re being cheated.
  12. Tools Of The Modern Age – every day, a new tip or online tool that can help you in your life. Everything, websites for search word optimization, syllable counters, how to fix household electronics, and how to fix your car (probably.) We have it all.

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  1. You don’t need to apologize or explain. Just have fun. We know some days run better than others and some ideas flow and others don’t.

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