The Word Protection

Weekend post may be good be isn’t organized. Is it okay that I use of the words may be instead of just saying maybe? it just feels more appropriate.

  1. Protection From Fear – a parents curse
  2. Protection From Excitement – by another name
  3. Protection From The Elements – humanity’s first great victory
  4. Protection From Each Other – the last one
  5. Protection Told Not To Forget To Use – protection from our natures
  6. Protection From Ourselves – adapting to a safer world
  7. Protection Of The Law – a product of trust
  8. Protection Form Blades – from their wielders
  9. Protection From Projectiles – only possible by preventing their wielders
  10. Protection From The Wielder – a lie of false safety
  11. Protection From Danger – at all times we are close but we work hard to be infinitesimally closer
  12. Protection From Protection – to live life

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