A pre-post is something I promised to do and I will edit it to have a full post later in the day.

Today’s color is #E5AB19 the paint names are far more interesting but I’m starting simple.

My next hour of productivity will come in the form of hip exercises, after which I shall practice a bit of piano for my own enjoyment.

My four creative lines are: (well it was supposed to be four creative lines)
A man is a man but also a woman,
a man is not always a man.
Woman is far more specific than man,
a woman is always a woman.

Some say that our language prefers the man, the man who is also a woman.
All women are women but some men are man deserving of our attention.

I’m not sure how creative my line actually are, but I also don’t know how to define the word creative so I’ll settle for this for today. (I edited the content of the parenthesis )

So day one of making a pre-post, and it didn’t help with inspire this Post-Post, but let me first focus on it becoming a habit. But if I want this to inspire better post-posts (ones I don’t have to title Post-Post), or at the very least to provide some sort of entertainment, I should probably replace what I’ll do for the next half hour, with something else. I shall put that aside for my personal journal, and try to find a consistent exercise to create another habit.

I’ve been having a more personal focus today, and I procrastinated a lot of it away, so I don’t have much to provide to my faithful audience, assuming I have an audience. And write something short here. I know I said I’d be having better posts this week, and I hope I will, but the work I did was misplaced. I do know much more about the french revolution and the time before but I don’t know how to make a post about that.

12 Ideas For Dietary Supplement Brand Names (it will be stupid but I have not the focus)

  1. Eat Yourself Up
  2. Silicone Bones
  3. Four Power
  4. Parson’s – The Only Pill For You
  5. Minimus Maximus
  6. Undrinkable Calories
  7. Brain-live
  8. Capsule-live
  9. Holy Smokes – Medicinal vapes (of look I’m having complete ideas, finally.)
  10. Participation Pills – no life without it
  11. Part-Time Supplement – Take em once a week and you’ll still feel better. (No placebo testing necessary)
  12. Allergy Away – For children give it to them young and they won’t be allergic to anything.

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