Pre-Post 2

Today’s color is #CA6AE7 I’m using the American spelling because it uses fewer letters, you will notice that I’m being inconsistent but there is a method to my madness. Well sometimes, please take my word for it.

My next actions today I will not enter here for reasons I wrote out yesterday so until I find what else to put here. I woke up far too late today, (I blame the fact that the clock in my room is out of battery so I didn’t get up the first time I woke up and fell back asleep,) so I’m writing this late. Still, it’s better than nothing. I know it won’t help with timed habits, but not doing it would be doubly wrong. I know, tomorrow I’ll put 2 questions here. The thought-inspiring kind.

Four creative lines: (it seems this is not what I wanted it to be, but still it interests me.)

We find beauty in small details when painted on by people.
And I found beauty in everything the day I got my glasses.
But it seems I’ve grown accustomed to the details of reality.
And no matter how hard I look I have trouble finding beauty
because I am surrounded by the beautiful and have grown accustomed.

Sometimes I have to meditate and remind myself how much I can see in a rock on the ground. Then I look around and the colors reappear to me.

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