10 Character Concepts

Methodical, AHHHHHHH
I should’ve gone straight to hell, I have no topic for this, my questions are not good, and my creative lines just don’t help with this. Well, maybe tomorrow but I already have a topic for tomorrow.
Well, I’ll focus on fiction again, but I’ll try to be more methodical with it. I’m not going for originality here but that’s okay. I will try to be creative with small variations on the normal today, and the word of the day is perspective so let me try to create some.

  1. A man far from his Rome – A great culture, a representative who believes in his homeland, in its greatness and its values. And who is disgusted by those around him, because they are like us and not like him.
  2. The rebel betrayed by his cause – There is historical precedent for rebellions chopping off the heads of well anyone who could upset the end result. Even when those heads belong to people who pushed for the uprising. You don’t want a disgruntled revolutionary upset that you didn’t do enough or that the world doesn’t look the way he hoped. But sometimes you don’t want someone with the power to change it, even if he is on your side.
  3. An artist, unlike the writer – Writers like writing characters that are writers, I wonder why? So what if we choose a different art, music, painting, photography, whatever is most distant from the author. And follow what would happen when creativity is misplaced when someone who could be great wastes their talent on a lower art.
  4. An animal in human form – Someone who follows life through instinct. Doesn’t make decisions but is still socialized by the world around him. Cannon fodder, or someone who will eventually realize the corruption of the dystopia he probably lives in.
  5. A master and his trade – An expert, music, and poetry regarding any subject: get the perspective of someone satisfied with his work, which is his life. At least at the moment.
  6. A mother and her many children – There is more than just the perspective character, the people who loves her the most love others equally. And those others can be just as important, the actions and circumstances define the hero as much as her genetics and upbringing do.
  7. The hero who seeks adventure – Except sometimes the hero is special because she wills it. She decided that she would be a hero and lived her life acting as heroically as possible. “I am the great hero, or at least I will be,” and as a child, sometimes ” I shall be a hero like those in the stories, I shall be noble and brave.”
  8. The one who reminds himself – Nobel and brave, I shall be noble and brave. What would be a weak individual who works and repeats mantras. All to become more, a story of overcoming internal strife as much as external. Do one by doing the other.
  9. The child who sees a vibrant world – Great colors and a close to the ground perspective, so close in fact we have trouble understanding it.
  10. One who doesn’t fear – a perspective different form our own, how will our world look without fear. And does he not fear because he has nothing to fear? or does he not fear for he is stupid. He should fear, he deserves some fear. What make him better than us?

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