Pre-Post 3

So I’m fixing my sleep schedule and as such moving my pre-posts to be earlier in the day. I think I’ll settle on 10 so that I can pray, eat, and exercise a bit first, but I may settle on nine.
I think I’ll store my pre-posts on a second page instead of having them stuck onto the main post of the day. But I’ll set that up tomorrow because I’m trying to do something with it and I’m not sure how it will turn out.

Today’s color is #95DBB0

Three Questions –
Can we remember exact shades of color enough to recreate them? and does knowing the color name help?
Will the designator 95DBB0 help us remember the color, and can we learn to remake colors in our mind’s eye by internalizing the method by which the colors are generated?
Why do the color values on a computer only go up to 255 (FF in hexadecimal well I was wrong they go up to FF, not EE,) Or a better question why hexadecimal?

Four Creative Lines – (well, attempted creativity, I’ve been having difficulties with that part. It is hard to be creative quickly.)
Yesterday I lost my marbles I then found all but one.
The last one was in my pants, ah what puberty does to the young mind.
The young mind corrupted by other young minds, having friends whose opinions matter more to us than our parents. Because we know that our parents love us, but the others? that’s still in flux.

The wise man never says “the wise man” but not all wise quotes come from wise men.

It is easy to fix a paradox with additional information, we can always make an exception for ourselves.

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