10 Uses Of The Phrase Headless Chicken

I’m a third of the way done with the hell post, but since I’m not focusing on the physical torture and I’m trying something of a secretly purgatory thing, I need to put more thought into it. I want the post to be at least as interesting as it is depressing, so I’ve got to put in my work. In the meantime, I need another topic for today. Let me think, let me think…

Oh, I know chicken, and what’s known about the chicken they run around headless. (Well for a few minutes.) I’ll try and make it a thing. Worst case tomorrow’s post is better.

  1. If you see him try to get ready in the morning, he runs around like a headless chicken.
  2. I had two conferences this week and I didn’t get any work done, they should stop clucking around like headless chickens and let me get my work done.
  3. People go through their life led chickens, all’s fine but everyone starts running when someone’s head gets chopped off.
  4. People drive like headless chickens
  5. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, unlike all the others. Headless chickens all of them.
  6. A protest is like a chicken, as soon as the head is lost it riots.
  7. The reasons we call cowards chickens is because they’re liable to lose their heads as soon as something goes down. (and because chickens are cannibals but let’s ignore that.)
  8. Movements are like chickens, even if the head is removed they’ll continue running in that general direction. Losing all sense of caution and restraint.
  9. This metaphor is like a headless chicken, I’m writing it because I started writing it.
  10. I feel like a headless chicken lost, and incapable of confusion.

One comment

  1. It’s not really minutes, but it’s amusing, and they can’t cluck anymore without the head.
    That’s an interesting thought also, lost yet incapable of confusion. I think that might be a neat way to be in the face of being lost.

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