How To Make Something Beautiful

So to the main post, how to create beauty. Tomorrow’s post will be more methodical something closer to Trying To Be Original or the stupid one about chairs. The day after, I’ll try and do something about what hell would look like, but it should be far easier to personalize than heaven (The post about what would be in a heaven for humans is one of my favorites I would recommend checking that out. It isn’t definite and I may have to change it looking in hindsight, but it is still great.)

But here. Something something how beautiful stuff is made by humans something something list.

  1. Sometimes we make something great – we make stuff and as humans we make stuff we like looking at, then we make it big and complex and by working to preserve and expand our creation, we make it into something beautiful. At least to us.
  2. We observe beauty and imitate it – and we add style we either imitate reality or differentiate what we make in some details.
  3. We remove all but what makes it beautiful – imitation and simplification, and addition and the blurring of unneeded details. Like this, we can make even the idea of war something of beauty.
  4. We Work – and work and work, trying to create another reality, one of the mind, and we try and work to make that beautiful.
  5. We observe and calculate – some things simply seem beautiful to us and by learning what makes them so we can imitate that. (i.e the golden ratio)
  6. We channel what we know – we have heard beautiful music before and we try to recreate it. Then we change it according to known rules choosing what to ignore and what to keep.
  7. We suffer – and we express the cause we create the feeling of redemption or at least suggest its possibility.
  8. We practice – for an act done perfectly can be beautiful, and a well-kept body dancing or fighting impresses something within us.
  9. We cultivate – plants can be beautiful, and gardens require constant upkeep. We work to keep the plants beautiful and stop them from dying we put them together and stop them from expanding too far.

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