Pre-Post 4

It’s not that I woke up late, I just forgot to do this. And this is supposed to be a habit so yeah. But the good thing is I figured out what to do with my pre-posts so that’s good. It will be set up tomorrow. I also reformated my previous pre-posts so a few posts will be presented as if I posted them today.

Today’s color is #161646 and for a bonus color hell-grey #666666

Today’s three questions –
How would cursed numbers work?
How would history look if King Louis XVI took a more active role in the running of his kingdom, at least before the revolution? Would he have been able to change anything or would he just be swept along?
Why do we want to fit in when we don’t want to be judged the same as others?

Four Creative* Lines –
A pen with adjustable ink output, so if you press on the paper too hard it won’t leak through, and if you have a gentle touch you can still write clearly. (well, I had a lot of trouble with these today. So I gave up.)

Be like a cat and whine till you get what you want.

When a tree falls in the forest it leaves a trace sound and the air is moved but does the change in reality matter? If a thousand stars went supernova and we couldn’t tell is that a great change in the universe or is that just stuff happening? We are incredibly human-centric, but it is our right as humans to be so.

I assume I am wrong until proven right, but I believe I am right until proven wrong.

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