Pre-Post 5

Today’s color is #E864A0

Three Silly Questions –
If I know I’m wrong does that make me right?
If you could make something hurt for half as long but you would remember it more would you? In what scenarios, when, and why?
Is the idea of purgatory meant to be comforting, you feel intense deserved pain, and then you are relieved of your guilt and allowed to go to paradise with the rest? Why did the Christians come up with it? And who were the first believer in such a concept?

Four Creative* Lines –
A door can have many features, from extra knobs to a fingerprint recorder.

Screams are great for drawing attention, even when people learn to dissociate your screaming from what screaming normally means. You will draw attention with your screams but eventually, the attention won’t lead to anything. While some things are hard to ignore sometimes we just have to work for it.

What is consciousness, ephemeral, and indistinct? What makes humans human? I believe that our consciousness, the thing that is us, that we see as ourselves, is in all actuality the decision-making mechanism of the body. Emotions are drivers, instincts are automatic reactions, and fear is a driver requiring speed over precision, but we can breathe and calm ourselves if the time is available. When hiding we decide when to go out, but the automatic systems sometimes act automatically, and we have control over them only in that we can train them in advance.

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  1. I think this one is a crazy thought: “If you could make something hurt for half as long but you would remember it more.” I go to if I remember it, I’m just reliving the hurt, so I’d just be hurting over and over again, so it wouldn’t be half as long. It would just be split up into smaller chunks. Sometimes, I am visited by one bad choice after another after another. And even a good choice now doesn’t make it go away. I sometimes wonder if that’s why people die, to just let all that shit go.

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