10 Ideas For Waiting Room Books

I’m back to lists, it’s comfortable. And it’s the weekend most of my discared ideas are more original than this, but I already tried one I had to get rid of for good today, and it’s the weekend that’s the real reason, I don’t like writing posts on weekends so I’ll try something I tend to enjoy.

Waiting room books are meant to be flipped through, have many pictures, and don’t have to be read in full. I’m not originality testing these so some of them probably exist already in some form or another but I just don’t have the focus on weekends.

  1. Specialists Who Overcame Their Fields – A book covering specialists throughout scientific history who made great discoveries via incredibly specific experiments.
  2. Everything Makes Sense – scientific discoveries that came from people trying to prove their theories of everything.
  3. Damn Dams – Dams, they are incredible some are huge but this book covers aqueducts as well, and even the ancient Persians had a few.
  4. Bacteria Is On Everything – Covering common and uncommon types of bacteria and the surfaces they stick to. Also, how long fingerprints last and all that, does touching something contaminate the whole thing instantly? What’s with three-second rule? can you just cut off the part that touched the floor? You just want to make people more nervous, but content of this sort tends to make people act and think more conscientiously, at least in the short term.
  5. The Basics Of Everything – a huge book that explains in simple terms the basics of, well, anything. There shall eventually 60 novels, but the first there cover more commonly useful knowledge. (translations to different languages and different localizations, shall simply renumber the books but the subtitle shall remain the same.)
  6. The Color Of Mirrors – all about light, different perspectives what three colors of eye cones actually mean, and all that. Also a whole bunch of trivia and different ways of saying the same thing.
  7. Things That Are Different But Are Actually The Same (the English language) – History of the English language, words that are stolen from different languages, why people use their native words to say the same thing.
  8. 19 More volumes of the previous thing but covering different fields – Preferably whatever filed you’re in the waiting room for. (I didn’t want to overfill the list.)
  9. A Bestiary Of Fantasy Monsters To Use In Passwords – an interesting memorable name with an image that will be stuck in your head. A bit of made-up biology, and you can use passwords like SoftBonedTrolls (as in trolls with soft bones get your head out of the gutter, well I should do at least, it didn’t sound bad when I thought of it), and have it be perfectly memorable. (I haven’t forgotten the password post I’ve pushed off indefinitely.)
  10. Rare Skills You Can Learn In Minutes – Perfect.

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