10 Measures For A Time Valuing Algorithm

Hell is hard to make, I’ve decided on something that isn’t perfect but I’m hesitant to put it out here. But I promise that by Thursday this week I will write put it out here, it will probably be incomplete as I’m overthinking and am over-complicating things, but it will be out and it will be good.

A little like this one, but I’m less sure bout the good part. I shall try and I shall succeed but still a way out for I feel the need.
And forced rhymes aside on to the post.

Now I don’t even know how I intended to approach this, or what exactly it is. Part of the reasons I dropped it was because it was too complex but I’ll try anyway.

  1. Full day estimated enjoyment – people do the task for a full day, or if that is unfeasible, four hours. Have self-reports of enjoyment three times during that period and at the end. Also x/10 measures of how satisfied, complete, angry, and other measures before bed. (yeah, I don’t know exactly what I’m going for here so I’m just trying to measure everything. The methodology should be fine though I can probably narrow it down if I have a goal in mind, but for now, I don’t.)
  2. Part of day enjoyment – have tasks be part of what is done that day and measure the same things. Do this at least ten times.
  3. Habit enrichment – have something done for ten days in a row and see check the measures by the end of those ten days. (i can go for longer but it becomes less feasible.)
  4. Part-Time Profit – For jobs and stuff. When you get a part-time job.
  5. Full-time profit – also check how people in certain fields rank on our chosen measures.
  6. Self Measured Suffering all-day task – random time checks and at the end of the day. Same as the enjoyment test but for negative emotion and suffering.
  7. Part-time suffering – only an hour or so of tested action during the day.
  8. Semi-Real And Remembered – for all the measures on this list, the chacks at a random time of the day shall be defined as Semi-Real, or Remembered. Because our memory isn’t that trustworthy.
  9. Ten-day tiredness – If you do something for ten days how tired are you. Self-reported until an alternative is discovered. (or if it exists then that.)
  10. Memorability – In a self-report how many times is x mentioned,

Well I failed at keeping this organized, but I spent more time on it than you would think so here’s today’s post.

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  1. Stop worrying about good. There’s plenty out there that authors didn’t love and somehow touched a chord that they never imagined it would, and there are other works of an author’s lifetime that no one gave a rat’s a– about or that just failed to stand the test of time.
    Have fun with it as long as you see it as worth your time. Then let it go and play the next great game.

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