Pre-Post 6

Today’s color is #24E7AB.

Three Questions –
What’s the deal with twenty-sided dice? Is their really a five percent chance to fail at any task, was any research or thought put into that? Was it for the sake of humor?

What does creative burnout feel like? How is it different from writer’s block? With the amount of thought and effort put in in advance, how can one tell?

Why is water so important? How does our body process it? If one is dying of thirst how much time will it take for the body to process water being drunk? Do we process water at different speeds depending on our thirst?

Four Creative Lines –
Religions with a concept of Hell usually made it incredibly painful, but was it because they wished harm on their enemies, to encourage them to try and redeem their enemies from that great suffering by converting them, or to justify their actions? It definitively changed throughout history, but the concept has significant weight to it, what is the modern equivalent?

There seems to be a relationship between curiosity and creativity, is it the drive to ask questions or the desire to answer them. Do those types of creatives require answers and their creativity is a result of them trying to fix bad ones or is it some and when is it something else?

Was the previous thing just an excuse for putting questions in my four creative lines? And is this me being creative or just trying to be funny?

Well I finally recognized my problem here, I’m no longer writing this blog as creativity exercises, now I’m doing in order to create content. I shall see how to approach that eventually but for now I will avoid thinking about it.

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